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Business Consulting Services from a CPA in Hawaii

CPA in HawaiiDo you want to know how to get the most out of your small business in Hawaii? There may be ways for you to grow your business that you aren’t already aware of. A CPA in Hawaii can offer business consulting services and help address important benefits that your business is missing out on. Here are a few ways how a CPA can help.

  • Saving Time & Money – As a business owner, there are plenty of tasks you already take on yourself. If you are not an expert in preparing taxes and figuring out financial issues, why not hire a business consultant to help you? Controlling costs and increasing efficiency are two of the issues small business owners often have trouble with. A CPA will help develop strategies to improve both issues, saving you time and money in the process.
  • Seek Expertise When Needed – Maybe you like having full control of every aspect of your business. There’s nothing wrong with that, but remember that if complex issues ever arise, it is okay to seek the help of a CPA. Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes to look at your problems to offer a new perspective on your situation.
  • For Future Growth – You want your business to achieve long term success. No one starts a business with the thought that it will only be around for a short time. It’s not an easy task to make long term plans or be able to anticipate future growth. A CPA can work with you to develop a plan for continued growth of your business.

If you think your business still has room to grow, it might be time for you to hire a CPA in Hawaii. For over 40 years, Michael J. Yuda, CPA, LLC has provided Honolulu and surrounding areas with business consulting and accounting services. Visit Yuda.com to contact us about the services you require today.

3 Often-Overlooked Things to Do After You’ve Moved to Hawaii

CPA in HawaiiMoving to Hawaii is many people’s dream come true. Sometimes people move for a job or to be with family, and sometimes people save for years and years to relocate to one of the world’s most beautiful locations. After the headache of a long-distance move, the last thing you want to do is fill your day with more unpleasant tasks when there are still boxes to be unpacked, but the sooner you do the important things, the more content you’ll be in your new home.

Find a CPA

Research options for a reliable CPA in Hawaii and hire an accountant to look over your finances today. After the expense of a move, you need an expert to help you manage your finances as you adjust to a new life with a new cost-of-living. A CPA will help you figure out how much of your moving expenses you can deduct on next year’s taxes and how much you can afford to spend on entertainment after you put money aside for savings and bills/debt.

Organize Your Paperwork

Your important paperwork is among the first things you should unpack. Keep a careful record of all of your moving expenses, as you’ll probably need them for taxes. Transfer your important information into a program like QuickBooks and work with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor if you need any assistance.

Plan for Retirement

Get all of the information on your former job’s 401(k) contributions (if applicable) so you can move the money into a new account with the help of your CPA as soon as possible. If you’ve moved to Hawaii in active retirement, plan to make your money last as long as possible.

If you need a reliable CPA in Hawaii, contact Michael J. Yuda’s office today to cross some financial tasks off of your to-do list. The sooner you get your finances in order, the more time you’ll have to focus on everything else Hawaii has to offer. Call or email for a consultation within the first few weeks of your move.

Preparing for Retirement as Early as Possible: Part II

As discussed in the previous post, preparing for retirement is very important to consider as soon as possible. We are all comfortably aware that we will need to have retirement funds; however, many individuals are not aware of when the right time is to start saving. Here is another tip to help you get ready.Money

  • Discuss It With Your Employer – Assuming that your employer has a retirement plan or account set up for you is not going to end well. It’s crucial for your future to find out what kind of plans your employer can help you set up or if there is anything that you can look forward to at your job after you retire. Often times, an employer will have many saving plan options available that will allow you to begin saving money and preparing for retirement.

Are you looking for a CPA in Hawaii? Michael J. Yuda offers accounting and tax services, as well as other financial assistance when you need it the most. At Yuda.com, you can speak with a representative about your finances today!

Preparing for Retirement as Early as Possible: Part I

Whether you’ve been working for two years or 20 years, preparing for retirement is one of the most important topics on everyone’s mind.

Many working individuals are familiar with the idea of retirement, but are completely unsure of when to begin preparing for it or where to start. If you’re unsure of how to begin preparing for your retirement, there are a few helpful tips that can get you started on this serious decision that will have a positive impact on your future.Tax Form with Fountain Pen

  • Contact a CPA – A qualified CPA is going to be able to give you some guidance on how to begin preparing for your retirement. Since it is never too early to start getting ready, he or she can give you information on handling your accounts, as well as ideal planning on how to save during harsh times. Many certified public accountants have the account experience necessary to provide you with information on any areas related to financial concerns, so a CPA can be a great person to have in your corner for any of your money woes.

Are you looking for a CPA in Hawaii? Check out Yuda.com, today, to speak with a representative!

Are you Looking for a CPA in Hawaii?

Finding a quality CPA, regardless of where you live or where you’re from, can feel like an impossible feat. If you’re not a U.S. citizen, you may feel like qualified CPA’s from the U.S. aren’t going to be able to help you, but this isn’t true. Finding a qualified CPA to handle your personal or company’s financial needs or, whether your business is located here or in the U.S., is possible! CPA in Hawaii

Expanded Outreach

Although Michael J. Yuda is a Hawaii CPA, his expanded outreach helps those in need all over the world. With the ability to speak Japanese, Yuda has many Japanese clients, including an outstanding relationship with a foreign Japanese firm that refers clients who are visiting Hawaii to him.

Whether you’re running a business in Hawaii or simply visiting a property you own for pleasure, Yuda is there to help you with your financial needs.

Although Michael J. Yuda’s firm proudly serves Hawaii, he is also willing to expand his outreach to any clients in need of his assistance, which even expands to Australian clients who own property in Hawaii.

Personal and Business Assistance

It doesn’t matter if you need assistance with your personal finances or your business finances; neither of these areas should be dealt with by an inexperienced CPA.

Michael J. Yuda is not only experienced with Quickbooks, but he is a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor. This means that your accounting needs will receive one-on-one attention all yearlong — not just when tax season rolls around. When April 15 does start approaching, if you’re from another country or own a foreign corporation, Yuda will ensure that you get the extra help you need to properly handle your tax needs while in Hawaii.

When you’re visiting your Hawaii property for business or pleasure, schedule an appointment with Michael J. Yuda for any of your financial needs.