A Few Hawaiian Expressions

CPA in Hawaii

Being a CPA in Hawaii is a wonderful thing! The Hawaiian Islands are truly paradise and rich with culture and beauty! Whether hoping to visit Hawaii or learn something new to impress your friends, the following are some common Hawaiian phrases and expressions:

  • Mahalo: Mahalo is a common expression for thanks and gratitude!
  • Aloha: The most common and well known expression for both hello and goodbye. Alo means to share in the present moment and Oha translates to joy, making Aloha really mean “joyfully sharing life”.
  • E Komo Mai: Welcome! Consider this phrase the Hawaiian equivalent of Mi casa su casa!
  • Pomaika’i:  The Hawaiian way to say good luck!
  • A Hui Hou Kakou: The Hawaiian way to say until we meet again.
  • Pahea Oe: How are you?
  • Mahalo A Nui Loa: Hawaiian for thank you very much.
  • Wikiwiki: The Hawaiian way to say make it snappy or be quick!
  • Aloha Ay Ua ‘Oe: Hawaiian for I love you.
  • Makai: This word is the Hawaiian word for ocean.
  • Ma Li Hini: The Hawaiian word for visitor!

The language of Hawaii is often as colorful as the scenery and people! Learning a few phrases can be a fun experience and may even help you if you plan to visit the islands.