Why Is Working With a Certified Public Accountant Essential When Preparing Taxes?

certified public accountant HonoluluMost people know someone who’s good with numbers and who claims that filing taxes is a breeze. It’s tempting to offer to let that friend or family member do your taxes for you, especially if that person works as an accountant at a company. However, when you’re looking for help when preparing your taxes, it’s essential you find a certified public accountant for several reasons.


The type of certified public accountant Honolulu residents work with to file taxes is certified to work on your tax paperwork as your representative. At the end of your tax form, you’ll see a box where you indicate whether or not you had someone work on your taxes. A certified public accountant shares responsibility if there’s an error on the form. A person who’s not certified to help with your taxes can’t put their name on the form and if an error is made, you and you alone are responsible for it.


At the same time, while a certified public accountant shares responsibility for any errors that were entirely his or her fault (not withstanding inaccurate financial information provided), the certified public accountant is far less likely to make errors than an amateur accountant in the first place. You decrease the likelihood of an audit with a certified professional, and if you are audited, you’ll be able to ask that professional’s assistance in making sure the audit goes smoothly.

Tax Planning

A certified public accountant will help you prepare for next year’s taxes by discussing plans to increase your deductions and pay in installments so you decrease the total owed next spring. A certified public accountant is invested in making your funds grow year-round.

Do you need a certified public accountant in Honolulu? Request a consultation today with Michael J. Yuda to see what a certified public accountant can offer you. Rest easy knowing your taxes were filed correctly and to your benefit each year, and discuss ways to manage your funds year-round so your tax bill is even lower next year.