Get Your Taxes Done by April 15!

As the deadline to file taxes approaches, millions of individuals and businesses across the United States scramble to get their returns completed. Tax return preparation in Hawaii can be done through several methods, and the right method for your needs likely depends on how complicated your tax return is expected to be. Tax Day

A great way to get started with tax return preparation in Hawaii is to be prepared for the task at hand. QuickBooks bookkeeping allows businesses to keep track of revenue and expenses throughout the year. If you implement QuickBooks bookkeeping in your business at the beginning of the fiscal year, you can make the process of filing a tax return go much smoother in April.

Businesses that have not kept records with bookkeeping software have a challenge to face when filing taxes, but it is still a task that needs to be done. Failure to comply with IRS tax regulations will result in fines and penalties that continue to accrue until a return is filed and all fees are paid.

If you are dealing with a complicated return and have yet to get organized, the best option is to seek out a tax professional. Michael J. Yuda, CPA, LLC is an experienced tax firm serving clients in Honolulu, Hawaii. Not only is the firm able to assist with the preparation of tax returns, but it can also help businesses with tax planning to ease the burden of filing next year.