How Do I Choose a CPA?


When choosing a CPA for your business, there are a few criteria that they should meet. Here are a few great ways to get started picking a CPA for your company financials.

  • Education – Finding the education status of the CPA is the first step in deciding if they are a right fit for your company. Make sure to check references to see if a BA or license was received by the CPA. Levels of education and experience can be achieved at different times in the person’s career. Try to look for a CPA with work experience or an internship if they do not currently have steady clients.
  • Size – Think of the current size of your business. Also, consider how many employees, paychecks and tax forms your company will be responsible for, for the upcoming year. When deciding on a CPA, think that the firm should match your company size. If you have 3 employees and limited tax-documents, consider a CPA with fewer clients and good reviews. If you company reaches employee numbers in the thousands and have tax documents year-round, consider a firm with many CPAs who can work jointly for your business.

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