More Amazing Facts About Hawaii

CPA in Hawaii Fun Facts! 

Being a CPA in Hawaii has its advantages! Being able to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian Islands on a daily basis is a dream come true. It seems that some people know very little about Hawaii besides what they see on TV, but Hawaii is a state that is rich with history and wonderment. Here are some more amazing facts about Hawaii:

  • Honulu is the nations 11th largest metropolitan area.
  • Hawaii is home to the world’s tallest mountain. When measured from its base at the ocean floor, Mauna Kea is the world’s tallest mountain.
  • There are 5 navigable rivers in Hawaii: Waialua, Waimea, Hanape’pe, Lumahai and Hanalei.
  • The Island of Maui is home to the world’s largest dormant volcano, Haleakala Crater.
  • The world’s most active volcano, the Kilauea volcano, is the most active volcano in the world.
  • Hawaii is the world’s leading producing of macadamia nuts.
  • From east to west, Hawaii is the widest state.
  • Honolulu is around 1,500 miles long.
  • Hawaii is the 42nd most populous state.
  • Hawaii is the only state in the entire United States that has continuously growing borders. The regular eruption of Mt. Kilauea is the contributing force behind the states growing borders.