Unique Facts About Hawaii

Coconuts, lei and sandalsAs a CPA in Hawaii, the team here at Michael J. Yuda, CPC, LLC, wants to extend our knowledge and love for this beautiful state to each of you! Whether you are looking to visit The Rainbow State, or just looking to learn more, here are some quick facts about Hawaii that set us apart from the other 49 states!

  • From east to west, Hawaii is the widest state in the United States.
  • Hawaii is the only state to grow vanilla beans.
  • The state capital, Honolulu, is the 11th largest metropolitan area in the country.
  • Honolulu is also the second most expensive city in the United States. (The first being Anchorage, Alaska.)
  • Hawaii is home to the world’s largest volcano, Mauna Loa.
  • Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in the United States. For males, the life expectancy is 75, and for females it is 80 years.
  • Hawaii is a worldwide leader in harvesting macadamia nuts and orchids.
  • Park rangers at Hawaii National Park receive packages every year from tourists who took volcanic rocks from Kilauea. The tourists send them back claiming the rocks were bad luck from Pele, the goddess of fire, lightening, dance, volcanoes, and violence.

These are just a few of the unique reasons why we love the state we get to call home! Most of all, they are what makes everyday a great day to be a CPA in Hawaii!